Latest Updates

15/11/18 10:57  _login_otp_submit_delay_ = 32  or more other invalid access coming

15/11/18 5am Version 1.15 released with auto click otp submit ( _login_otp_submit_delay_)

14/11/19 New Version 1.14 released. It don't click Submit after Login OTP Fill.

12/11/19  For 14th Nov only 14 ips at 12pm allowed( 12:00-12:10pm) per license. For more ips(14) per license please pay @1800/per month.

We will reply and tell correct calculation then only you pay. Till then no problem

If anyone got OTP in mobile but not in browser then please tell. We check and revert. Please whatsapp/email

Vehicle OTP Receive Timings


1st Vehicle    OTP Receive Timing:  12:03:11  laxmipur
Last Vehicle OTP Receive Timing:  12:05:28  Palugula-1

2nd Session:  12:16:32   Kuntlam  2



OTP App Check Procedure

Daily send to all your all mobiles any TSMDC SMS from any mobile then check and check if OTP received or NOT

if not received then:

  1. Restart your mobile and check
  2. Reinstall the App and check

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