Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  1. We sell productivity software which does not contain any harmful or illegal things.
  2. All software provided is "as is" without any warranty. You use at your own risk
  3. We do not use your personal data for anything except for enhancing or marketing our products to only registered customers
  4. All payments are not refundable. If you are not sure of capability of our software, kindly ask for demo.
  5. We are not responsible if your license, or login/passwords are compromised.
  6. Our extensions/mobile app do not take bank details or email details out of your computer or mobiles
  7. All membership account will terminate on start of Rainy Season mostly on start of May
  8. Captcha balance will expiry after 3 months only and will not be refunded
  9. For legal issues, our juridiction will be the courts of New Delhi only.

Refund Policy

  1. All payments are not refundable. Duplicate payments done for same product will be refunded without any charges.
  2. In case of new license if you've not used it in any way, then also full payment may be refunded.
  3. Refund is only in the same account from which you've made payment. For refund we will ask you earlier payment proof, statement or passbook etc.
  4. Refunds can take as much as 1 month.
  5. After 2 months of the issue, no refund requests shall be entertained.

Shipping/Membership Policy

  1. All members will get access to permanent login in http://tspt.in where all account information will be found
  2. Membership will need to be renewed every month/year as the the current offer. Otherwise our software will not run
  3. Our software will be sent only by SMS/Email

Cancellation Policy

  1. Since we provide free demos, you need to pay only after you're satisfied that our software, autofills work properly, NO refund shall be given after any payments, however we do allow you to cancel your license before expiry date, however no payment made by you will be refunded.