Background Mobile App permission in Oppo A57

Background App Permission

  1. Go to Security

    go to settings

  2. Click on Privacy Permissions

    click on Privacy permission

  3. Click on Startup Manager

    click on startup manager

  4. Finally On the check box of app

    click on PK SMS

  5. Press back button

  6. Click on App permission management

    click on app management

  7. Click on send message

    click on send message

  8. Click on System messages

    click on system message

  9. Click on Allow

    click on allow

Battery Optimization

  1. Go to Settings, click on Battery

    click on battery

  2. Click on Battery optimisation

    click on battery optimization

  3. Click on app, which you want to run in background

    click on app

  4. Click on Do not optimize

    click on do not optimize

  5. Click on back button two times, click on Energy Saver

    click on energy saver

  6. Click on app

    click on app

  7. Now off the check box-
    Freeze when in Backgound
    Automatically Optimise when an Abnormally is Detected

    click off the check box

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